ZEUS® Production Data Capture optimises operations » to promote productivity

The manufacturing industry is currently facing a widespread shortage of labor and skills, which has been an ongoing issue for years. However, effective management of the workforce in this sector can not only help with coordination but also engage and retain talented individuals.

One major challenge lies in the difficulty of recruiting and retaining employees who possess the necessary expertise and qualifications. Consequently, many employers are experiencing unfilled job vacancies and skill gaps across all levels of their business due to increasing digitization. So how can I increase my production efficiency despite staff shortages?

ZEUS® Production Data Capture from ISGUS delivers transparency for efficient production management, supporting companies to maximise their investment in staff and resources. Based on accurate attendance time management, ZEUS® PDC splits up attendance time to productive an non-productive times and allocates productive times to jobs, order, projects and cost centres. ZEUS® Production Data Capture provides real time data for the management of production processes and project costs in your company.

Fast and accurate time recording of operations and processes is made on the PDC terminals and PC based clients across all production areas from design to despatch. Access to real time production data is the basic requirement for management and control of production sequences leading to reduced process times, effective cost controls, optimised planning sequences and detailed information in respect of both lead & setup times.

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