ZEUS® Staff Scheduling » no problem even on public holidays

Who isn't familiar with this as a shift planner: the new year once again brings many public holidays with unpopular shifts.

Taking employees' wishes into account, distributing shifts fairly – even over the years – and then keeping an eye on laws, contracts, qualifications and employees' personal interests is quite a challenge. It's quite difficult to take all these aspects into account and weigh them up correctly. Manual planning is also rarely objective. The allocation of shifts can quickly be perceived as unfair by the workforce.

Behind every shift – a coloured box in a grid – is a person who may not be sitting at the beautifully laid table with their loved ones on Christmas Eve due to the planner's decision. It is therefore all the more important that shifts can be allocated fairly and as closely as possible to the wishes of the employees, without losing sight of the business objectives.

Wishes via app
ZEUS® Staff Scheduling with its shift features relieves the shift planner. With ZEUS® Staff Scheduling you can analyse all aspects simultaneously and weight them individually. Even with our ISGUS mobile app you can respond to requests, keep an eye on overtime, pay attention to compensation days, checks whether all the necessary qualifications are covered, can look at a longer planning horizon and incorporates historical data. For example, who has worked on Christmas and New Year's Eve in recent years naturally plays a role and services can be distributed more fairly.

In self-service apps like ZEUS® mobile app, employees can simply enter individual requests and preferences for a defined period in advance of the planning process. The types of requests that can be made by employees can be parameterised within the master data for each employee group. This could be a request for a day off, preferred shifts or availability for overtime. In some companies, contrary to what is assumed, public holiday shifts are actually very popular because they offer juicy bonuses. These shifts are particularly attractive for those who have no family or commitments, or who would even like to stay away from their family.

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