<strong> ATTENTION!</strong> <strong> Limited Special</strong> »<strong> ISGUS USA</strong>

ATTENTION! Limited Special » ISGUS USA

Unlock Efficiency and Flexibility with ZEUS® X Time and Attendance

ZEUS® adapts to your industry and company size, offering a scalable range of functions and modular expandability. Automate time and attendance, adjust employee schedules  to match workloads, and stay compliant effortlessly. With ZEUS® mobile, manage your workforce on-the-go.

Discover the Future of Workforce Management: Elevate efficiency, productivity, and compliance with ZEUS® Time and Attendance. Contact us to explore how ZEUS® can revolutionize your workforce management journey.

Introducing the IT 8210 FP Terminal: Your Ultimate Time and Attendance Solution

Discover the convenience of the web-enabled IT 8210 terminal, designed for seamless time recording and management. With an integrated touchscreen, user guidance becomes effortless. This terminal redefines standards by offering essential time functions like clock-ins/outs, flextime balances, and overtime tracking.

The IT 8210 goes beyond the basics, delivering functionalities previously limited to desktops. Experience access control, comprehensive cost center tracking, and Production Data Capture - all in one multifunctional terminal.

Elevate Your Time Management: Experience the power of IT 8210, equipped with features that simplify time-related tasks. Ready to embrace award-winning efficiency?


Whitepaper about Software as a Service in the ISGUS Cloud

Whitepaper about Software as a Service in the ISGUS Cloud

You are interested in: ZEUS® SaaS - the digital time recording as cloud solution? Learn more about security and highest availability for your personnel data in the ISGUS data centre in our Whitepaper.

Software as a Service for the decisive added value in competition


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