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About us


The history of ISGUS started in 1888 with the development of mechanical time recorders. Thanks to our constant innovation over the 13 decades we have been in business, along with our focus on customer and industry needs. We now specialize in comprehensive solution from smart phone apps, biometric data collection and cloud based software solutions all designed to meet the demands of today’s diverse workforce.

„Courageous, long-sighted leadership, dedicated employees combined with the capacity to respond quickly to change and trends”

These are the keywords for the ISGUS success 
according to Managing Director Stefan Beetz.

The ISGUS software development department has propelled ISGUS to become a leading global provider of Workforce Management solutions with a wide range of features and functionality to meet every business needs. The TAM / ZEUS® complete solutions including biometric, smart card and smart phone data collection, along with specific software modules for specific industry needs; let’s ISGUS stand out from our competitors. The web based TAM / ZEUS® Time & Attendance solution can be individually combined with extremely flexible workflows between supervisors and employees, our TAM / ZEUS® modules such as Staff Scheduling, Access Control, Job Costing and Plant Data Collection meet customers extended needs driven by their specific industry challenges. Our 100 plus year experience enables us to provide you custom solutions to meet and exceed the most complex demands.

ISGUS Time Management terminals combined with ISGUS access readers not only allow for the tracking and management of employees time worked, but also allow for security management as well, to prevent entry to sensitive areas. Additionally allowing your organization to provide a safe and secure working environment.

Predominantly, the software solutions fit into any variable environment and across all business lines. They are successfully in use in the SME sector, the manufacturing sector, transport and logistics, banks and insurances, in the healthcare sector and in numerous state and local authorities.

ISGUS creates all of our hardware and software solutions with a single purpose solutions of increased efficiency and cost reduction. The high degree of customer satisfaction is reflected in the exceptionally high customer retention. A large number of customers are already using our software solutions in the third generation. Worldwide, in excess of 14.000 customers are using the ISGUS solutions.


ISGUS: Established in the year 1888 - Experience Contemporary History

ISGUS is extremely proud of our long and storied heritage. Started when horse and buggy was the main mode of transportation, ISGUS has survived and thrived for over 13 decades. Adapting to change and customer requirements is the cornerstone the organization is built on. The company has always maintained a very strong financial footing, and invests in the right technology and human resources to continue our legacy as one of the world’s premier workforce management solutions provider.