Why Partner with ISGUS

If you are tired of hearing "no we can't" from your current partner, or struggling through what should be simple configurations and training of new customers. Then we are the right partner for all of your employee time management needs. We are a direct manufacturer of our own badge and fingerprint terminals and shop floor kiosks. We have developed state of the art scheduling and job costing modules to complement our best of breed core Time & Attendance module.

Our specific data exchange 3rd party module allows for real time interfacing to virtually any 3rd party software provider, and our core calculation engine to meet local state and national compliance regulations is currently sold and supported successfully in 17 countries. So if you are tired of hearing no or cringing at the thought of every new Time & Attendance install...

Partner with the Best

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We Make Partnering Easy

Your level of involvement or commitment is completely up to you. From a referral partner who simply wants to keep and earn a new customer but not do any of the heavy lifting, all the way up to business partner status that means you control the entire sales, implementation and support of customers. We can get you on the right path and support at the right level no matter what you choose.

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If you are already a partner and you have any questions, please contact us here.