ISGUS Industries Healthcare


Increased efficiency and cost reduction
with TAM / ZEUS® Time & Attendance

Implementing cost effective solutions, at the same time ensuring effective management and optimization of employees skills and hours of work are a major requirement within the healthcare sector. Complex legal and scheduling policies involve substantial effort in administratively planning and calculating employee working times. ISGUS provides the perfect solution to meet this challenge.


We analyze your organizational processes and show you realistic optimization potentials to lower your personnel expenses.

  • Efficient staff scheduling with optimum planning
  • Reduction of overtime and auxiliary staff
  • Adherence to legal and collective agreement contracts
  • Interfacing to all standard payroll systems and data centers
  • Flexible access control for all essential areas

software solutions for the healthcare sector

TAM / ZEUS® Time & Attendance  
TAM / ZEUS® Time & Attendance  

Time & Attendance

  • Cost reduction through improved efficiency
  • Shift schedules with maximum flexibility
  • Return on investment
  • Integration to payroll and HR
  • Modular structure to meet new demands


  • Web based Workflow
  • Web presence indication
  • Web time allocation

Staff Scheduling

  • Transparent personnel demand and staff scheduling
  • Expert and efficient planning process
  • Staff planning integration
TAM / ZEUS® Access Control  

Access Control

  • Security around the clock
  • Transparent administration of access profiles within the security lock plan
  • Secure, fast and easy to use
  • Secure employees and capital
  • Audit trail security