Public Services

Time & Attendance for Local Authorities & Public Services sector - Knowledge and product quality for the Public Services sector

Individual and flexible working times based on a clear-cut cost and strategy planning are important issues for a future focused approach in the Public Services sector. Thanks to the continuous improvement and the ongoing development of our ZEUS® Time Management solution, we have developed successful long-term and trusting relationships with our customers. In excess of 1.500 installations in municipalities and local authorities on all administration levels are evident as a result of our longevity, experience and exceptional reliability. The ongoing development of our ZEUS® Time Management solution continues to maintain the improvements necessary to fulfil the demands within this ever changing Public Service Sector.


We have a thorough working knowledge of the specific requirements necessary to the Public Service sector for example. We can advise you fully on the practical implementation of collective agreements for public services. We also provide individual security concepts for universities and schools or public establishments.

software solutions for the public services sector

ZEUS® Time & Attendance  
ZEUS® Time & Attendance  

ZEUS® Time & Attendance

  • Cost reduction through improved efficiency
  • Shift schedules with maximum flexibility
  • Return on investment
  • Integration to payroll and HR
  • Modular structure to meet new demands
ZEUS® Plant Data Collection  

ZEUS® Plant Data Collection

  • Precise analysis of production processes
  • Increased efficiency and cost transparency
  • Quick and secure data acquisition
  • Communication with your ERP environment
  • Modular structure guarantees system enhancement at any time

ZEUS® Workflow

  • Web based Workflow
  • Web presence indication
  • Web time allocation