<strong>Time and Attendance in the USA</strong>

Time and Attendance in the USA

The requirements of companies and employees for time and attendance continue to grow. Flexibility, mobility and digitization are currently the biggest developments in this area and therefore have a major influence on the decision of a suitable time recording system. This must cover modern requirements in a suitable manner in order to sustainably improve internal company processes

Today, flexibility no longer refers only to working hours, but also to the place of work, which is increasingly at home or in a co-working space. Here, as with office work, it is necessary to comply with the legal requirements for time recording. With the ISGUS solution for time and attendance, you can easily adapt this to your individual regulations and thus optimize the processes. The ISGUS App ZEUS® mobile also supports you in accessing almost all time recording functions and making bookings or submitting requests completely independently of your location

Regardless of the size of your company or your specific industry sector, TimeAttendanceManager from ISGUS supports you in digitizing your time management and thus helps you to be ready for further developments.

Whitepaper on the individual solution for your Time & Attendance

Whitepaper on the individual solution for your Time & Attendance

You are interested in: ZEUS® Time and Attendance - the individual solution for all industries and company-sizes? Learn more about time management, which is exactly tailored to your needs, in our Whitepaper.

Digital time recording as a response to a changing working world




With the digital time recording from ISGUS, you always stay up to date. Find out about your current balance levels via the ISGUS Terminals, mobile via your smartphone or conveniently on your PC and keep an eye on the remaining vacation days. Should you reach preset thresholds, you can be notified via push notification or email to be able to react in time. In this way, you increase the efficiency of your processes.


In order to request absences, internal coordination with team colleagues is essential. However, this is often complicated because the colleagues have to find out again what the current planning looks like. This also interrupts ongoing work and is therefore an enormous disruptive factor. To make matters worse, geographically separated teams rarely coordinate their work anyway. The solution is the ISGUS group calendar, which allows you to easily and quickly view the planned absences of your colleagues and adjust your own planning accordingly. The approvers are also informed directly digitally and can approve or reject the submitted application wherever they are.


The use of cloud software is becoming more and more widespread in almost all areas of life. With the ISGUS Cloud, we also offer this option for your workforce management. TAM in the ISGUS data center is just as customizable as an on premise solution, but makes your IT administration much easier. All updates, backups and hardware expansions are implemented without disrupting ongoing operations. Furthermore, it optimizes your cost structures through long-term plannable costs, which postpone the investment risk.

Why should you use ZEUS® Time and Attendance to record the working hours of your employees? - We show it to you: