Manage external persons in the palm of your hand

Manage external persons in the palm of your hand

Ease of use - provide security with a professional Visitor Management integrated with TAM

Knowing who is on site at all times is important for all businesses. With Digital Visitor Management, you can send visitors an invitation email to advise them of important information such as timing, gates, parking and directions. In addition, visitors can log in and out themselves with VISIT Self Service. In accordance with GDPR, personal data is automatically deleted by VISIT after an adjustable period of time. The management of external people can be expanded to include extensive yard management for logistics and transport companies.

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1. Visitor registration: the front desk, visitor and visited person receive all relevant information about previously registered visitors.

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2. Unannounced guests can instantly be registered at the front desk.

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3. Welcome messages and safety instructions for the visitor (e.g. on-screen display).

Temporary visitor badge Isgus

4. Allocation of the temporary validated visitor badge, including corresponding access authorisations.

Safety Isgus

5. The visitor enters the company premises. His access profile guides the visitor through the building. This ensures safety.


6. At the end of the visit or after a predefined time, the badge is automatically blocked.


VISIT automates and simplifies all processes and tasks associated with visitors including pre-registration, visitor registration, security instructions, allocation of a visitor's ID card with corresponding access authorizations, and automatic blocking of the visitor's ID card at the end of the visit.

Visitor Management and Access Control

Digital Visitor Management closes the gap between reception, the gate and security management. Visitors can only access a specified route within a defined time slot allocated to them, eliminating any potential breach of your security procedures.

Modular structure

Extend and enhance VISIT at any time with the following modules:

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