Digital overview of the <strong>working time frame</strong> of your employees

Digital overview of the working time frame of your employees

ISGUS offers you the perfect solution, tailor-made to fit your specific needs in terms of company size and business sector. The Workforce Management from ISGUS instantly provides you with an overview of the working time frame of your employees. You, as a supervisor, can easily keep track of the time accounts of your team members.

With TAM, you can view the hourly accounts of all employees without any detours at any time and react quickly, whenever and wherever necessary. Based on green, yellow and red zones, the staff time balances are shown in an easy to understand colour-coded way. You can directly download this evaluation and open it in Excel for further editing.

Via our mobile App, you are even informed by push notification when working time limits are exceeded. Additionally, you can view your personal notifications directly on your smartphone.


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The ISGUS App makes time management mobile for smartphones and tablets

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TAM Time and Attendance
Digitally via smartphone or tablet, at the workstation or via terminal - tailored to your needs

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