ISGUS Cloud - Software Hosting Services

ISGUS Cloud - Software Hosting Services

Security and highest availability for your personnel data - ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified


All you need is an Internet Connection

When it comes to Human Resources and Workforce Management, more and more businesses are choosing to host their software solutions through an external data center managed by specialist providers in computing environments, operating systems and administration.

ISGUS provides this service through Software as a Service (SaaS), managed from the ISGUS Cloud - our own secure data center.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification
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User Authorizations & Passwords

With specific User IDs, passwords and authorizations based on employee roles, you can feel confident allowing administrators and supervisors access to the ISGUS Cloud. Our internal audit trail report also allows you to see all changes made to employee data by username and password, and when the changes were made.

Access To Your Data Anytime, Anywhere

Your TAM solutions are available 24/7, without limitations. The ISGUS Data Center ensures high percentage accessibility and is more readily available than an in-house IT Department.

Safety and Data Protection

The ISGUS Data Center is located within the ISGUS company premises and is secured by state-of-the-art security complying with stringent German Security Law. Legal security, in accordance with GDPR regulations surrounding data protection and data security, is mandatory and must be adhered to.

You may be asking: how safe is employee data and where is it stored? Who has access to the data and for what purpose? Who is liable and who are they accountable to? You never have to worry with the ISGUS Data Center. We provide the highest level of security for all our SaaS customers.

Modular structure

Extend and enhance your TAM Software as a Service at any time with the following modules:

TAM software solutions are tailored to your individual needs.

Total Cost of Ownership
Important parameters for consideration of the total cost of ownership

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