SAP Communication

SAP Communication

TAM CONNECT 4 FOR SAP – Access Control Solutions for SAP HR

The ISGUS TAM CONNECT 4 FOR SAP HCM solution can be extended by implementing the TAM Access Control module to deliver the highest standards in security and flexibility in Access Control systems. The security lock plan feature provides high visibility enabling you to create your own individual access profiles.


The ISGUS Terminals for Access Control are available for all standard reading technologies, and are suitable for door opening, monitoring, and elevator and barrier system controls, enabling you to protect your assets and intellectual property across all access points. The ISGUS portfolio includes appropriate readers and electronic locking systems for any given constructional circumstances. The access terminals are available with or without a keypad for PIN entry or as biometrics for fingerprint identification.

Flexible scheduling of working times fulfilling the workload requirement

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Information about TAM SAP Communication

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Software Solutions

Time & Attendance

TAM Time & Attendance

A time-saving, accurate and reliable Workforce Management tool to manage all HR and personnel tasks.

Access Control

TAM Access Control

24/7 security for your employees, visitors, buildings, equipment, data and company know-how.

Production Data Capture

TAM Productivity Tracking

Analyse and optimize your project and production processes based on objective KPIs.

Staff Scheduling

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SAP Communication

TAM SAP Communication

Optimal communication of ISGUS T&A and Access Control with SAP HCM.