TAM Staff Scheduling

TAM Staff Scheduling

The Staff Scheduling solution

Health care also depends on optimum scheduling of individual and motivational working times in conjunction with a clear strategy and cost planning. Cost pressure makes an efficient use of existing resources necessary.

TAM Staff Scheduling makes it possible to plan working times smoothly in compliance with the legal framework or collective agreements.

The software solution provides:

  • Staff planning support
  • Information about under-/overstaffing or absences
  • Overview of the hourly accounts of your employees
  • Control of the meeting of legal working time regulations

Staffing needs

The demand plan regulates, how many employees are needed on which day, at which time and with which qualifications. For each planning process the under-/overstaffing or absences are identified and set out clearly. TAM Staff Scheduling for care facilities also calculates the staffing needs based on care hours and compares these with the planned and actual working times. The occupancy of your facility and the fixed care service per care level are the basic for the calculation.

Planning potential

Apart from departmental planning TAM Staff Scheduling provides the potential to make facility/company-wide planning such as night shift and on call plans. Direct from the planning screen employees can be moved to other departments for just one day or over a longer period. For instance scheduling for pupils or stand-by workers can be made easily. TAM Staff Scheduling controls whether or not your planning meets the legal working time directive, youth workers protection and maternity protection regulations. If required by the HR Manager, violations of these regulations can be set out via corresponding comments.

Calculation base

TAM Staff Scheduling automatically identifies the various entitlements to bonuses, overtime and standby / on call remuneration.

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