Cost & Activity Monitoring

Various methods are available for a causal distribution of attendance times to cost centres, activities, projects etc. Cost centres/projects etc. can directly be recorded via terminal booking. In addition, worked hours can be automatically allocated to different cost centres based on percentages or on absolute values. With this, precise and up-to-date figures are made available for cost and project monitoring. Data resulting from TAM Cost & Activity Monitoring are passed on to accounting and controlling for further processing. 

Optimum transparency with TAM Cost & Activity Monitoring

Also in public administration, personnel costs represent a major cost factor. The determination of actual times spent on jobs and activities with resulting costs is essential for an effective control of processes.

The TAM Cost & Activity Monitoring module helps you to determine your requirements. It automatically distributes percentage time slices on different products, which are imported as catalogue values ​​and offered for selection. Of course, the distribution of the presence time on products can also be made directly via the web-based project planning.

Flexible use

For your employees, data collection is easy, quick and accurate - no matter if in the office, in the field via mobile app, or from any place of work within the organisation.

Time-shifted use

In case activities, projects, jobs, cost centres etc. are not recorded directly via terminal, web client or mobile app, attendance totals can be retrieved on daily, weekly or monthly basis, for manual allocation to the “causer” of the costs.  

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