Why should you use <strong>TAM Time and Attendance</strong> to record the working hours of your employees?

Why should you use TAM Time and Attendance to record the working hours of your employees?

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ZEUS® mobile
The ISGUS App enables mobile time management for smartphones and tablets

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TAM Time and Attendance
Digital via smartphone or tablet, at a PC or via terminal - tailored to your needs

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Satisfied customers
These customers trurst TAM - the workforce management from ISGUS

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Software Solutions

Time & Attendance

TAM Time & Attendance

A time-saving and reliable solution to optimize all Workforce Management tasks.

Access Control

TAM Access Control

Round the clock security for your employees and guests – as well as 24/7 access control to secure buildings and office equipment.

Production Data Capture

TAM Production Data Capture

Collect data on your projects and production processes to streamline and optimize your Key Performance Indicators.

Staff Scheduling

TAM Staff Scheduling

Optimize your staff scheduling through demand-oriented workforce management.

SAP Communication

TAM SAP Communication

Communicate ISGUS Time & Attendance and Access Control products effectively with SAP HCM.