IT 8260 for Time & Attendance and


  • Touchscreen with large key- and function symbols for convenient and easy handling
  • For time punches such as IN, OUT, cost center change
  • Time punches via IN/OUT keys or automatic punches
  • Easy generation of workflow requests via touch screen for absences such as holidays, business trips, vocational training, or updating of forgotten punches
  • Precise inquiry of time accounts such as balance, extra work, remaining holidays
  • Non limited number of absence reasons such as official absence, business trip, doctor appointment, etc.
  • Saving up to 50.000 punches
  • Multi-company operation
  • Integration into existing IT structures via DHCP and DNS

IT 8260 for Production Data Capture

  • Easy and quick recording of PDC punches such as order start, change or end
  • Comfortable and fast selection of order and PDC punches via touchscreen
  • USB port for Production Data Capture via barcode scanner
  • Robust housing with easy to clean fullwidth glass front
  • Protected touchscreen through glass panel (3 mm)

ISGUS Terminal IT 8260 Data sheet