<strong>Access Control and Time & Attendance</strong> in manufacturing

Access Control and Time & Attendance in manufacturing

Access Control and Time & Attendance are two of the most important pillars in the employee management. Only authorized persons and just at the scheduled time are allowed to enter specific areas of the building. Workforce Management from ISGUS takes company security as well as personnel time data like presences and absences into account.

Tracking employee facility entry and time worked is easily accomplished with the ISGUS time and access control terminals. Additionally, the safety of employees is ensured, while maintaining timeliness and availibility of the workplace. Enabling the lock out feature for entry into facility makes sure that employees can only gain access when they should be there, thus avoiding interuptions and unauthorized overtime. 

Upon entry into the building employee messages can be sent by supervisors for special workstation placement. Meeting reminders for that day or week can also be displayed. Special adjustments to shift time and building access are easily made via the employee's daily schedule in their time-card or in their employee diary.

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Using Workforce Management from ISGUS, you are not only able to achieve considerable time savings but also to increase your efficiency considerably. TimeAttendanceManager assists your employees with performing routine tasks, such as approving holiday requests, printing and evaluating reports, managing staff scheduling as well as monitoring project and order deadlines. Simplify and automate efficiently your daily tasks with ISGUS. You can use TimeAttendanceManager, either on-premise or in the ISGUS Cloud, on any device, anywhere and at any time.

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