<strong> Capture</strong><strong> hybrid</strong> <strong>workplaces </strong> with <strong> ISGUS</strong>

Capture hybrid workplaces with ISGUS

For many companys hybrid workplaces are getting more important than ever since the pandemic has caused us to rethink the purpose and meaning of the office. Briding the gap between in-person and remote participants nowadays is hard. Many HR leaders are concerend that the hybrid workplace model will cause problems in planning and implementation. Either if at work or in home office- a flexible staff schedule is the solution.

ZEUS® Staff Scheduling offered by ISGUS allows a company to efficiently allocate ressources, coordinate schedules, and adapt to changing work dynamics. High flexibility, minimzing planning costs and considering individual employee needs can be your futher benefits from ZEUS® Staff Scheduling. Say goodbye to scheduling headaches and embrace a future-proof solution that empowers you to excel in the era of hybrid work. 

Thanks to the modular structure of the ZEUS® solutions offered by ISGUS combining ZEUS® Staff Scheduling and ZEUS® Time & Attendance you can besides adapt to different working shifts and felixible working times of your employees. As the Staff Scheduling module is directly linked up to the Time & Attendance system, planners can be sure that staff scheduling is automatically based on the correct working time patterns and employee time accounts. This, in turn, ensures that the employees' working time is accounted for correct.



You are interested in: ZEUS® Staff Scheduling - adapting to hybrod workplaces? Learn more about the advantages and the scope of functions of staff scheduling in our whitepaper.


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