<strong>Decreased Effort</strong> for <strong>Shift Planning</strong> » in Manufacturing

Decreased Effort for Shift Planning » in Manufacturing

Employee and company productivity is an important factor that influences success and company growth. Many business owners know this, however, implementing it is not as easy as one might imagine. In the manufacturing sector, it is important that plant and machinery are optimally staffed in order to operate as efficiently as possible. For this, the tasks at hand, personnel availability, personnel qualifications and the legal framework must be taken into consideration. In doing so, shift planners can quickly reach their knowledge limits and therefore have to conduct extensive research. 

With ISGUS Staff Scheduling, this effort is significantly minimized. When planning upcoming shifts, you have all the necessary information, such as qualifications or upcoming orders, directly at hand. Thanks to the link with time recording, all hourly accounts of the employees in question are also visible, so that you can see whether the employee still has enough remaining hours.

With the practical reports, you can quickly see which employees have already worked the night shift, for example, and how often, and can adjust your planning accordingly. Adjustments are also possible and necessary when employees are absent. In this case, suitable replacements must be found quickly. Shift planning offers two different ways: shift swap and shift offer. With shift swapping, employees can swap shifts with colleagues in advance if they themselves are unable to work. Shift offer is the supervisors' substitution management tool. If, for example, an employee calls in sick, he or she can offer the shift without further ado to other colleagues, who are informed immediately. Quick results without much effort - with Shift Planning from ISGUS. 

Whitepaper for today's Staff Scheduling - digital, simple & from any where

Whitepaper for today's Staff Scheduling - digital, simple & from any where

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