<strong>Employee Absence Tracking</strong> in the <strong>Public Sector</strong>

Employee Absence Tracking in the Public Sector

The most areas of responsibility in the public sector at authorities or offices are usually clearly distributed. There are different responsible persons for the different areas and their representatives, so that a contact person is quickly found. Due to Corona, many teams at authorities are working separated, are in furlough or active in their home office. This makes it hard for planners and employees to schedule their shifts or presences. But a flexible organization of labor times is necessary to react to the short-term situations, especially in current times.

A workforce management software should make your work easier and more comfortable and not impose more work. With the ISGUS solution you can schedule and record the labor times simply through the employee-self-service dashboard. Every employee has access to the important data to him, also to scheduled absences of colleagues. Requests for time off and viewing of absence balances can be done on the go with the ISGUS mobile punch application. Through automatic workflows your request is sent to the appropriate approver, who can approve or reject it without delay.

Absence or time off calendars by individual employees ensure that approval requests are not exceeded or provided, if employees available time allowed has already been taken. Current absence schedule posting reports can be made visible via bulletin boards, or via automatic emailing of reports. At the end of your payroll period, all data is automatically transferred to the 3rd party payroll system, allowing you and the HR providers to seamlessly track absence balances.

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