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What is Employee Attendance?

Employee attendance is the presence of your employees at their designated worksite during the required hours. In retail, employee attendance means an employee showing up for and fully working their scheduled shift for the day. For remote desk jobs, it could mean an employee clocking in at 9 a.m. and clocking out at 5 p.m. every weekday.

Importance of employee attendance

Proper employee attendance ensures that your employees aren’t engaging in time theft, which is when your company pays employees for hours they didn’t actually work. Time theft is more common among hourly employees, since they can fudge their timeclock numbers. Tracking employee attendance can reveal patterns of behavior, such as certain employees not showing up for their shifts. This repeated missing of shifts is known as absenteeism, and it can have a substantial impact on your finances. A repeatedly absent employee can stretch your team thin, reducing the quality of your services. In cases where you accidentally still pay absent employees, absenteeism can become time theft.

ISGUS offers the individual solution for all industries:

Full- or part-time employees, short-term workers, shift work, seasonal work or remote work: every company and every industry is different. And it is precisely this challenge that the flexible solutions ISGUS offers you are dedicated to. Whether you need time recording for the home office or a classic solution with a permanently installed terminal, our modular system can be adapted to all your requirements.





Mobility and home office do not affect correct Time & Attendance in any way. The system can also be operated via an app using a smartphone or tablet. It has proven its worth for a long time, as many employees often do not show up at work in the morning. This includes construction yard employees who drive to the job site, or employees of the mobile care service. ISGUS mobile Time & Attendance can also be used in the home office. In addition to the ISGUS app, however, software is also available for the PC in the home office.

Only SaaS customers in the ISGUS data center have a permanent online connection to their host! Users of a local solution need a public IP with certificate or VPN tunnel for an online connection.

Whitepaper on the individual solution for your Time & Attendance

Whitepaper on the individual solution for your Time & Attendance

You are interested in: ZEUS® Time and Attendance - the individual solution for all industries and company-sizes? Learn more about time management, which is exactly tailored to your needs, in our Whitepaper.

Digital time recording as a response to a changing working world


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