<strong>Employee-Self-Services</strong> for Informed employees in the <strong>SME Sector</strong>

Employee-Self-Services for Informed employees in the SME Sector

Separate teams and working according to individual working hours are trademarks of the modern working world. While many effects have a positive influence on work, there are also factors that can be seen as a challenge. One of the main problems is the amount of coordination required. Whereas in the past it was easy to go around the corner to the next office to check something with a supervisor, it is now increasingly rare to know who is available and when. This is especially the case in medium-sized businesses, where small teams tend to interact with each other. 

An overview is also frequently lost. Whereas in the home office you simply start working, on site in the office it is a more conscious start to work, where you also keep an eye on the time. As a result, one has a higher awareness of the time worked. With ISGUS time tracking, you completely bypass these problems. Employees in the office and at home book their times digitally and can thus inform themselves at any time about the current balance or the remaining vacation days. 

In addition to the account view, a personal and a group calendar are also available. These can be optimally used for absence planning. Have the planned vacation of your colleagues displayed and plan your vacation accordingly. This is where employee-self-services come into their own. Once a request has been made, it is immediately forwarded to the supervisor for approval, who can process it directly via mobile or PC. If necessary, colleagues are also informed so that they can adjust to the substitution. 

As a result, employees in small and medium-sized businesses are moving closer together virtually and always feel integrated into the company's processes. You too can benefit from the uncomplicated employee self-services and increase the efficiency of your company.

Whitepaper on the individual solution for your Time & Attendance

Whitepaper on the individual solution for your Time & Attendance

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