Employee <strong>Time Off Requests</strong>

Employee Time Off Requests

Time and again, employees have time off. There are various reasons for this, such as vacation, illness or other time off.  So far so good. However, most of the time other employees are also affected and the absence must be agreed upon with the supervisor. The classic way is the communication between both parties, as well as a hand-written request which is then signed and passed on to the HR department. However, this process is inefficient and error-prone. 

ISGUS Time and Attendance provides for more efficiency when requesting employee time off. Various options are available for this purpose, through which all employees can be included directly and from any location. Modern and completely location-independent, the application works with the ZEUS® mobile app. Another very popular method is to use the web interface on the PC to plan absences. However, employees without their own PC workstation are also offered access via the ISGUS terminals, who can also enter their vacation in this way. 


Conveniently making or approving requests via smartphone is the modern way of workforce management. With the ISGUS app ZEUS® mobile, this and much more is possible. Among other things, you can book your attendance and absence times, view your personal balances or even submit time off requests. And this is completely independent of location and thus also from any construction site. 

Supervisors or approvers are immediately informed via the mobile app by push notification and can approve new requests directly from the smartphone. This saves time and is a real relief for you and your employees.


Anyone with access to a PC workstation can also access Workforce Management from here and use the system very easily. The application is compatible with any browser and can therefore be used without restriction. Requests for absences can then be created easily and clearly and submitted directly for approval. The group calendar provides support by informing employees about their colleagues' planned absences so that complications can be avoided. 

Approval also works smoothly via the system in the web browser. For this purpose, all open requests are summarized in one view and can thus be processed quickly and easily. The data of the colleagues is also available to the approver, so that he or she could carry out a check.


Since employees in the construction industry are often not equipped with company smartphones or a workstation PC, the application via the ISGUS terminals is also available. As soon as an employee has identified himself with his ID card or biometric, the online functions of the ISGUS system are available to him, which can then be used to submit the corresponding time off request. In addition, the other functions, such as IN/OUT bookings, viewing balances or receiving personal messages are of course also available. 

As soon as an time off request has been submitted via the terminal, it is directly available to the supervisor and can be approved via smartphone or PC. In addition, all automatically or manually stored colleagues are informed.

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