<strong>Facial Recognition</strong> for <strong>Time and Attendance</strong>

Facial Recognition for Time and Attendance

Facial recognition is one of the most frequently used technologies in many areas of life to identify users. In the smartphone market in particular, there is a clear trend toward facial recognition. However, other areas are also focusing on this trend and are making efforts to procure the corresponding hardware. For example, there is also an increased demand for terminals with cameras in the area of time and attendance. 

ISGUS offers you with the established terminal IT 8210 the perfect extension for face recognition. The cameras installed in the FR version, for life recognition and the subsequent face scan, enable reliable recording in a time of less than 0.8 seconds. This allows you to quickly and easily punch your attendance times and can also use the terminal for other purposes, such as making booking correction requests. 

With the IT 8210 FR terminal from ISGUS, your employees have the option of recording working times reliably and without the need for ID cards or other media. This is not only modern and up-to-date, but also a particularly hygienic way to implement standard processes. The training of new employees is also quick and easy, so that all employees can benefit from the advantages. 


ZEUS® smartID

In addition to recording working time with your face, there is another contactless option with which you can punch in a modern, future-proof and absolutely hygienic way: the ISGUS app ZEUS® smartID. Use your smartphone to open doors or barriers from a short distance or up to a few feet away and make time punches via the terminal. The smartphone is your daily companion and is therefore much less likely to be forgotten than, for example, a personalized employee ID card.

The app is perfectly integrated into the ISGUS Workforce Management and can be downloaded via the respective app stores for iOS, Android or MS Windows.