Functions of <strong>ISGUS Time & Attendance</strong> with Connection to <strong>SAP</strong>

Functions of ISGUS Time & Attendance with Connection to SAP

Working time management is becoming increasingly complex: Employers want to meet employees' desire for flexible working time models and a work-life balance. At the same time, they must be oriented to operational needs and, last but not least, comply with a number of framework conditions. Increasingly, there is a desire for integration into existing systems, whereby SAP, as one of the most frequently used ERP systems worldwide, is often already in use. ISGUS has been an SAP partner since 1995, which is reflected in the experience gained from numerous larger and smaller projects. 

TAM CONNECT 4 FOR SAP HCM is the perfect interface for integrating the ISGUS solution with the ERP software. All time data can be reliably recorded via the ISGUS terminals and then transferred to SAP for billing. Individual requirements can also be implemented that an "off-the-shelf" concept does not fulfill. 


In addition to the use of ISGUS Time & Attendance, TAM Access Control can be used as a completely independent but nevertheless integrated system. This opens up the possibility to secure doors, gates or barriers with terminals from the broad ISGUS portfolio and to use the same booking medium as for time recording. Whether classically with a transponder or more modern with the ISGUS App ZEUS® smartID

With TAM CONNECT 4, you control access control via the integrated digital locking plan and use performance features such as room or time zone monitoring, 4-eyes principle and room balancing. All information supplied is processed immediately. 

Whitepaper about the optimal time recording for SAP users

Whitepaper about the optimal time recording for SAP users

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ZEUS® CONNECT 4 FOR SAP HCM - The advantages of a convergence of smart ERP with smart workflow management