Job Costing for <strong>Construction Workers</strong>

Job Costing for Construction Workers

In mid-August, the Senate passed the bipartisan infrastructure investment and jobs act, totaling $1 trillion, laying the groundwork for better working conditions for construction and road workers. In a second vote, an additional $2.5 trillion total was voted favorably, allowing for more spending on child care, paid leave, and climate policy. Whether either will pass Congress is still unclear, but construction workers and road workers will certainly feel improvements. 

Already, the recording of work hours, which must also be spread across different projects, especially for workers on the move, is a major issue. Through improved working conditions and increased efficiency, this will take on an even more important role. Direct data collection at their point of origination will become indispensable. 

With the ISGUS solution for Job Costing, timesheets and project references are a thing of the past. Via the mobile app ZEUS® mobile, employees can directly clock working times and transfer them to currently pending orders. The system is also available when no data connection is currently available - bookings are then saved locally and synchronized with the next connection. If additional entries need to be made, this can easily be done via the system on the PC, e.g. by the supervisor.

Mobile Time Management with the ISGUS App. We present numerous functions - see for yourself:

Whitepaper about the ISGUS App

Whitepaper about the ISGUS App

You are interested in: ZEUS® mobile - the app, that makes your time management mobile? Learn more about working and project time recording via mobile smartphone app everywhere at any time in our Whitepaper.

Mobile time management - Record working hours where they occur


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