<strong>Mobile Punching</strong> for flexible Time Management

Mobile Punching for flexible Time Management

Mobile working has become increasingly important and is gaining popularity in more and more sectors. The time when work could only be done on site in the office is finally over. As well as the many advantages, such as flexibility or a better work-life balance, there can also be a loss of transparency. Mobile workforce management is therefore of particular importance. 

A frequently used solution is punching via the PC, which is very practical, especially in the home office. However, this variant reaches its limits when workers are not only stationary from a workstation, but are actually mobile. Booking via the ISGUS app ZEUS® mobile is suitable for this. Employees can easily and intuitively record their working times in the system and thus focus directly on the actual work. 

The ISGUS app can be customised so that the user experience is even better and all punches run as efficiently as possible. Define personal favorites so that you can directly access your most frequently used functions. 

Mobile Time Management with the ISGUS App. We present numerous functions - see for yourself:


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