Paying employees easier with <strong>payroll integrations</strong>

Paying employees easier with payroll integrations

Payroll accounting should be carried out correctly because it represents the conversion of working time into salary - and money is, after all, what we all need to live. There are already different methods for recording working hours, which then also influence the employees' payroll.

Manually processed time sheets are no state-of-the art solution, unproductive and cost unnecessary time. A digital time and attendance system can record working times and automatically calculate the weekly or monthly worked times. This data is ideal for payroll export.

ISGUS Workforce Management software, consisting of Time and Attendance, Staff Scheduling, Production Data Capture and Access Control, makes payroll automation possible with integrations to third party payroll providers. All recorded time data can be calculated in advance or after the transfer to your payroll solution. This gives you the flexibility to work how it is best for you and makes your processes as efficient as possible.

Why should you use ISGUS Time and Attendance in your company?

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Using Workforce Management from ISGUS, you are not only able to achieve considerable time savings but also to increase your efficiency considerably. TimeAttendanceManager assists your employees with performing routine tasks, such as approving holiday requests, printing and evaluating reports, managing staff scheduling as well as monitoring project and order deadlines. Simplify and automate efficiently your daily tasks with ISGUS. You can use TimeAttendanceManager, either on-premise or in the ISGUS Cloud, on any device, anywhere and at any time.

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