Retail hiring<strong> slows</strong> » <strong>ISGUS supports</strong>

Retail hiring slows » ISGUS supports

The overall labor market is finally starting to cool down this summer, and we’re seeing an interesting downturn for the retail sector in a time where seasonal hiring typically ramps up. In addition, more retail applicants are competing for fewer roles, with 24 job seekers per open role. Retailers are hiring slightly faster than the overall labor market. Hiring expectations are dropping worldwide this summer, although talent acquisition for in-demand roles remains strong. For retail, that means careful decisions about upcoming seasonal roles, as well as the potential for long-term hires. Job seekers say they’re looking for flexible schedules, sign-on bonuses and salary transparency.

With the help of the modern ZEUS® Staff Scheduling from ISGUS, service and shift plans can be created efficiently and human resources can be used in a target-oriented and needs-based manner. The ZEUS® Staff Scheduling from ISGUS planning helps you with optimal planning so that you have the necessary staff with the necessary qualifications available when you need them to achieve your goals in terms of service quality, customer orientation and delivery reliability.

Why should you use ZEUS® Staff Scheduling in your company?

We can show you:

The main focus in the video is on access control as well as on staff scheduling and shows you how easy shift planning is. ZEUS® Staff Scheduling takes into account all important parameters such as qualification, absence planning, time accounts and employees preferences. The presence staff display and the digital shift swap will help, if things don’t go according to plan.

Due to digital processes, ZEUS® Workforce Management enables an efficiently and economically time management. ZEUS® Staff Scheduling reduce the planning effort and improve the planning quality at the same time.

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With our Employee Self-Services, you directly involve your employees in the scheduling process and thus ensure higher employee satisfaction. Among others, the following functions are available:

  • Retrieve current shift schedules and team overviews
  • Create absence requests
  • Shift swap requests
  • Submit shift preferences to the planner
  • Location-independent time recording including break bookings

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Whitepaper for today's Staff Scheduling - digital, simple & from any where

Whitepaper for today's Staff Scheduling - digital, simple & from any where

You are interested in: ZEUS® Staff Scheduling - efficient creation of duty and shift rosters? Learn more about the advantages and the scope of functions of staff scheduling in our whitepaper.

Digital Staff Scheduling: Use the resources personnel and working time more efficient