The Coronavirus Impact to Modern Working

The Coronavirus Impact to Modern Working

The coronavirus has had and continues to have a particular impact on the health and economic situation. In the process, many forms of work in offices have evolved and changed. Forms of work that were previously considered modern have quickly been caught up and overtaken, and are now considered at least the benchmark in the New Normal. It is now necessary to be able to coordinate remotely, which is reflected in many daily video conferences. In addition, however, coordination with colleagues, superiors and substitutes is also important with regard to working hours and corresponding absenteeism, including vacation.

Due to the developments of the Corona Pandemic, personnel planners are now more frequently relying on data-based planning, a trend that has become generally apparent in recent years. The ISGUS software suggests personnel to planners on the basis of the activities to be performed and the required qualification needs, which can then be planned for upcoming shifts. In addition, the time account status of individual employees is easily visible, whereby it can be viewed how often someone has already worked nights or weekends.

Upskilling and Cross-skilling

Another effect of the corona pandemic is that more and more companies are focusing on the further development of internal resources and promoting their employees in this regard.

This approach allows employees to be optimally deployed and to familiarize themselves with topics that are of interest to them and that advance the company. This also offers the advantage that the employees already know the company and their colleagues, which eliminates the need for an acclimatization phase.

Use of contactless interfaces

While home offices and different shifts could keep employees well separated spatially, many still have to record their times at a terminal. The contact surfaces are the ideal transmission point for viruses.

With contactless terminals, all employees can book safely and reliably and start working directly. Get to know our different booking methods.