<strong>Time Recording</strong> in the <strong>Public Sector</strong>

Time Recording in the Public Sector

The employees of cities and municipalities make a daily contribution to the common good and should therefore be remunerated accordingly. However, the accurate recording of working hours, which can contribute to this, is often not implemented because the various locations of deployment would result in cumbersome processes or the costs for such a system would increase immeasurably. This does not have to be the case. 

Employees in the city hall, in the day care center and in the swimming pool can be integrated into the time recording system via the ISGUS terminals or the web-based PC application. Colleagues with changing work locations have the option of booking their working hours via smartphone or tablet. The ISGUS app offers all functions to work completely independently

The individual pay scale models in the public sector and specifically for your state can also be taken into account with ISGUS time recording and will be discussed in a joint meeting at the beginning of the project. In this way, you can also create flexible working models, which are increasingly becoming the driving force in the New Normal. 

Using access control in the city hall

In addition to time and attendance, the modular workforce management system can also be expanded to include access control in order to secure the premises of the town hall. The diverse hardware solutions from ISGUS offer the ideal terminal for every situation. Whether vandalism-proof in outdoor areas or design-technically adapted to the light switches, our broad portfolio also has the right product for you. 

In addition, you benefit from the modern software functions, which you can use in online or offline operation. In addition, you can use various booking methods for identification and are thus maximally flexible. 

Project time recording in the public service

Some employees in the public sector work off-site or have in-house assignments of several trades. In order to assign these to the respective cost centers or departments according to their origin, use the project time recording of ISGUS. This way, you can distribute the hours worked automatically or manually and have a quick overview of who worked for whom and for how long. 

The evaluations in TAM are also particularly useful. Working hours can be output per employee or per cost center, for example, and can thus be included directly in an analysis. The ISGUS solution gives you access to current data at any time and from anywhere, so that you can initiate the necessary measures immediately.