<strong>Transformation</strong> » digital progress with <strong>ISGUS</strong>

Transformation » digital progress with ISGUS

The progress of the digitalisation of the world of work is still a highly debated topic in many countries today. In order to prevent constant pressure to monitor, measures of permanent monitoring should only be permissible in exceptional cases under narrow conditions in order to serve important operational purposes, such as the safety of employees or occupational health and safety. In the USA, 66 percent of large companies are currently prepared for digitalisation.

Employees in the company: Know-how transfer a must

Many studies are of the opinion that companies usually do not yet succeed in transferring the necessary know-how to the entire core organisation and motivating employees for digitalisation: lack of budget, lack of personnel, intergenerational and appropriate training and the lack of infrastructure are the other concerns.

In this respect, the ZEUS® mobile app exactly meets the requirements of the new working world. The ZEUS® mobile app enables you to record time and data via smartphone or tablet PC regardless of location. New forms of work in particular, such as hybrid working, can be implemented effortlessly in the ISGUS app. Furthermore, for time recording, this also means recording working and project times where they occur, if desired also with geodata. By using ZEUS® Workforce Management in your company, you benefit from the advantages of digitalisation and create transparency and added value in your company.

Our ISGUS App! We present numerous functions - see for yourself:

Whitepaper about the ISGUS App

Whitepaper about the ISGUS App

You are interested in: ZEUS® mobile - the app, that makes your time management mobile? Learn more about working and project time recording via mobile smartphone app everywhere at any time in our Whitepaper.

Mobile time management - Record working hours where they occur


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