Cloud solutions » What are the benefits of the ISGUS Cloud?

Cloud-based software solutions bring numerous benefits to organisations, including greater efficiency and productivity, faster start-up, improved security and much more.

No upfront or hidden costs

Self-hosting the various software solutions involves high upfront investments and often hidden costs (costs for backups, domain registration, etc.), which can quickly exceed the original budget. With a cloud solution that offers ZEUS®, on the other hand, companies simply pay a clearly defined monthly (or annual) fee in advance. No upfront costs and no hidden or additional costs. Investing in cloud-based solutions therefore proves to be cheaper than self-hosting in many cases.

Fast provision and convenient use

Solutions in the ISGUS Cloud can be implemented and put into operation much more quickly, as only the service contract needs to be signed and the system configured according to the company's needs. Having the workforce management solutions from ISGUS in the cloud is also much more convenient in terms of use. Whenever the software is needed, all you have to do is log in online and you can start working straight away without having to spend valuable time installing updates or worrying about maintenance work.

Because our in-house data centre is regularly audited, checked and controlled, the occurrence of errors is no longer the responsibility of your IT department, but we at ISGUS take care of the problems, failures or other difficulties around the clock!