<strong>Time and Attendance as a Cloud solution - USA</strong>

Time and Attendance as a Cloud solution - USA

Nowadays, cloud computing is an essential part of our everydays business life. Immediate availability of data, independent from time zones or distances, is required to get, for example, insights into production or to manage personnel data from home. As a part of cloud computing, software as a service has a special meaning for the competitive advantage. SaaS is based on the approach that software and the corresponding IT infrastructure is hosted at an external service provider and can be used as a service by customers. With the ISGUS data center and its SaaS offer you can optimize existing cost structures and thus create more planning security for the IT budget at the same time.    

ISGUS offers the individual solution for all industries:

Workforce Management software has indicidual needs for the hosting. Data bases need to be scalable and have to meet curtain requirements to guarantee compliance with labor laws and internal guidelines. The ISGUS Cloud is ideally prepared for this purpose and your system can be set-up or extended at any time. Furthermore, you optimize your cost structure because you can benefit from plannable costs and a monthly service fee.

Whitepaper about Software as a Service in the ISGUS Cloud

Whitepaper about Software as a Service in the ISGUS Cloud

You are interested in: ZEUS® SaaS - the digital time recording as cloud solution? Learn more about security and highest availability for your personnel data in the ISGUS data centre in our Whitepaper.

Software as a Service for the decisive added value in competition




The use of TAM SaaS is in no relation to other IT projects you have running. The system can easily be set-up and extensions can be installed at any time. For you, the usage of TAM SaaS is as self-suficient as an inhouse application. In case of any service requests you can always contact our regional service centers to get personal and competent advice. 

During installation your requirements are discussed by well-trained employees to tailor your system ideally to your personal needs and preferences. For all modules and features you get a professional training and individual consultation is just on phonecall away. Use the ISGUS Cloud and leave the worries about all technical, financial and human resources for the acquisition, operation, maintenance and administration of an in-house IT in our capable hands. 


  • Our solution does not require you to invest in your own IT hardware, such as servers, operating systems, database licences, etc.! 
  • Likewise, there are no costs for maintaining and updating your own IT infrastructure!
  • There is no need to invest in software licences and software updates! You always work in the ISGUS data center with an up-to-date but also tested and secure programme version.


  • Any administrational effort, data backups, updates, etc. by your own IT personnel are omitted. The installation and the operation of our solution can be done completely independent of your other IT projects. 
  • You shift the risk of investments because you only have to pay for the operation and do not have to go in financial advance. This optimizes your cost structure and gives you more planning security for your financial and budget planning!


For the ISGUS Cloud we can guarantee an availability of 99.5%, which makes the ISGUS Cloud to one of the most accessible systems. This means, you can relibly use your system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For operation, strict German law applies, what makes your workforce mangement software even more compliant.  

Why should you use the Workforce Management from ISGUS in your company? We can show you:


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