Employee Time Off Requests

Time and again, employees have time off. There are various reasons for this, such as vacation, illness or other time off.  So far so good. However, most of the time other employees are also affected and the absence must be agreed upon with the supervisor. The classic way is the communication between both parties, as well as a hand-written request which is then signed and passed on to the HR department. However, this process is inefficient and error-prone. 

ISGUS Time and Attendance provides for more efficiency when requesting employee time off. Various options are available for this purpose, through which all employees can be included directly and from any location. Modern and completely location-independent, the application works with the ZEUS® mobile app. Another very popular method is to use the web interface on the PC to plan absences. However, employees without their own PC workstation are also offered access via the ISGUS terminals, who can also enter their vacation in this way.