Fulfilling all employee requirements » ZEUS® mobile App

Nowadays, companies also rely on mobile apps to optimize their processes and increase productivity. In most cases, however, many different apps are used, e.g. one for staff scheduling, one for time recording and one for the shift exchange. This leads to stress for employees, as they first have to get to grips with the different interfaces of each app and then also have to have different access data for each app to hand. To eliminate the increased stress for employees, an app is needed that can fulfill all functions.  The ZEUS® Mobile App fulfills exactly these requirements.

The ZEUS® Mobile App can be used for all areas of time recording. On the one hand, simple time bookings can be made from anywhere and, on the other hand, things such as the balance or the hours already worked per week can be queried at any time. All workflow requests such as corrections, absences or business trips can also be requested via the app. Supervisors can then approve these requests directly via the app. In addition, you can find out about planned staff assignments at any time and make inquiries about the employees currently present. Thanks to the integrated shift exchange, it is also possible to swap a shift with another employee or take over a shift from an employee via the app. In addition to the functions of the ZEUS® Mobile App, each employee can personalize the user interface using, for example, the favorites function. In this way, the ZEUS® Mobile App can reduce the stress of every employee. So take the first step towards stress management for your employees and come back to ZEUS® with the mobile app.