<strong>Mobile App for Time Recording in the USA</strong>

Mobile App for Time Recording in the USA

Mobile recording of working hours is an enormous advantage in many industries for employees who do not work at a fixed workplace. It allows for more flexibility and facilitates recording, since no rework is necessary if used correctly. In addition to the recording of working times, the other modules of ISGUS Workforce Management, such as staff scheduling or production data capture, can also be used mobile and contribute to increased efficiency.

ISGUS offers the individual solution for all industries:

No two companies are the same. That's why your mobile time recording app shouldn't be either. In the ISGUS app, companies can use exactly the modules and functions they need to work as efficiently as possible. Employees also have the option of individualization by creating personal favorites in their app to access the most frequently used functions as quickly as possible. Whether on-site at the customer, on the road with the car or in the home office, the ISGUS app is always ready when you need it.

Whitepaper about the ISGUS App

Whitepaper about the ISGUS App

You are interested in: ZEUS® mobile - the app, that makes your time management mobile? Learn more about working and project time recording via mobile smartphone app everywhere at any time in our Whitepaper.

Mobile time management - Record working hours where they occur




Use the ISGUS app to make bookings or submit requests while on the road. The workforce management functions are available to you at all times. Approval via the app is just as easy as submitting requests. Supervisors are informed by push notification about a request to be processed and can open and process it directly via the ISGUS app. 

In addition, the ISGUS app can be used to get information about the currently present or absent colleagues in order to always stay up to date. With ZEUS® mobile, your workforce management is always at your fingertips. 


ZEUS® mobile is a web-based solution, but can bu used in offline cases as well. When requesting for absences or punching times without connection, all attempts are stored locally on the device. Once the connection is restored, everything is automatically synchronized with the system. Additionally, offline querries are being updated on the device.  

Furthermore, customers in the ISGUS data center can benefit from a permanent online connection without any aditional effort. For customers who are using the system on-premise, a public IP address with a certificate or a VPN tunnel is required. 


When employees fail to work on short term, due to sickness or an appointment, even an ideally scheduled shift can fast end up in chaos. Especially, if employees who could be considered as replacements are not available. ZEUS® mobile offers an intelligent and flexible way out. Employees have access to a shift swap function from on the move - and thus can indepentendly and without lenghty consultations swap shifts with colleagues or take over additional shifts. Also the flow of information is noticably improved thanks to ZEUS® mobile. Messages can be send to employees with the push of a button. These messages then appear immediately on the smartphone or tablet as a push message.


The smart solutions from ISGUS are completely modular and can be extended at any time. From Time and Attendance and Access Control to the coupling with SAP HCM systems, ISGUS fullfills all requirements for a modern, smart and efficient Workforce Management. ZEUS® mobile now brings workforce management to decision-makers on the move - no matter where they are. Specially in combination with the ISGUS SaaS offer, company-internal processes are completely disconnected from the location. Thus, decision-makers have the possibility to keep an eye on the daily business at any time and from every location in the world.

Mobile Time Management with the ISGUS App. We present numerous functions - see for yourself:


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