Wage & Hour Compliance in manufacturing sector

The department of labor has increased their regulations on how employees time worked should be calculated, and follow through with investigations that can result in heavy penalties and fines, so its more important than ever to make sure your time and attendance system and solutions provider is 100% accurate in it's calcualtion of time. Especially in manufacturing sector where wage and hour compliance is crucial for high efficiency. 

Specific rules in calculating of overtime is regulated by not only the Federal government but can also be mandated by individual States and even Counties, so understanding requirements, by individual client is critical to understand via the initial consultation of rule gathering with the Head of Human Ressource. Shift start and end times, and how early in punch times, or out punch times, are very important to handle in the right way. The official regulation is that any punch in or out regardless of being early or late, must be calculated as recorded. This means that communication on a real time to stop early or late punches is needed to avoid costly unauthorized overtime. 

Time & Attendance from ISGUS offers you these and many other options for time recording and processing. Our module fits to the individual requirements of a manufacturing company and can be tailored exactly to your needs. In addition, our hardware solutions offer you added value. The ISGUS terminals, our mobile app or accessability via any browser is comfortable, efficient and future-proof.