Why is the ALL-IN-ONE Workforce Management solution from ISGUS worthwhile?

We, as a leading provider of digital workforce management solutions, are constantly striving for improvement. In addition to our existing on-premise and cloud-based offerings, we are now introducing ZEUS® HR Management as another integrated software module in our portfolio.

Our customers already recognize ISGUS as the go-to provider for advanced time recording software. With ZEUS® Time and Attendance, we deliver on our promise of accurate time and absence tracking. This innovative solution not only offers digital benefits but also integrates seamlessly with mobile devices, providing real-time information on current incidents for efficient problem-solving.

Streamline your staffing and qualification requirements with ZEUS® Staff Scheduling. Easily incorporate desired shifts, holiday planning, and compliance with labor laws into your schedule management process. Our digital shift exchange allows you to manage sudden staff shortages effectively by connecting you with available personnel through messenger apps or smartphones.

ZEUS® HR Management is another fully-integrated module that enhances our comprehensive solution package. This cloud-based platform ensures seamless organization of your digital personnel files and document management needs while maintaining an appealing interface design. Together with ZEUS® Workforce Management, it becomes the ultimate ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION for HR tasks within your company.

When choosing ISGUS Workforce Management solutions, security is always a top priority. That's why we offer integrated security features such as visitor management systems along with access control using both traditional readers and modern locking units based on a digital plan layout system. Additionally, the ZEUS® Security Monitor actively visualizes security events for enhanced protection measures.

For manufacturing companies seeking precise order and process data integration into their ERP systems in real-time, our reliable tool -ZEUS® Production Data Capture- provides up-to-date verified production data directly from various sources including stationary terminals or mobile devices used by service providers or construction sites alike

SAP users can benefit from utilizing ISGUS Terminals clients alongside non-other than Zeus Mobile for precise working time recordings. Our innovative ZEUS® Connect 4 for SAP solution seamlessly transfers time data to SAP through certified HR-PDC and S4/HANA interfaces, ensuring the accuracy of over 200,000 employees' recorded work hours in various industries.

For more information on how our solutions can be customized to meet your specific needs, please contact your local ISGUS sales center.