Supplement your Access Control with the TAM Security Monitor

Supplement your Access Control with the TAM Security Monitor

Always keep an eye on the accesses in your company

TAM Security Monitor

Even in the standard version, data points for doors, windows, lock bolts, motorised latches, cameras as well as links can be freely positioned on graphics such as floor plans. Data points are linked to the sensors and actuators of TAM Access Control to visualize events or to remotely control actions such as the opening of doors.

Access events are categorized. For each event type, the associated reactions are clearly definde. These may include, for instance, the display of action catalogues or the notification of certain persons by e-mail or push notification.

Thus, the TAM Security Monitor fulfils essential functions of a security control station.

ZEUS® Sicherheitsmonitor Grundgriss Fokuspunkt
ZEUS® Sicherheitsmonitor Grundgriss Kamera EN
ZEUS® Sicherheitsmonitor Grundriss

What does active safety look like with the ZEUS® Security Monitor around your company? See for yourself:


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