Workforce Management in Healthcare

The healthcare system played a central role during the pandemic. In the process, development processes often piled up because extreme situations took precedence. Gradually, however, healthcare facilities are considering internal processes and what steps will promote further development. Digital workforce management is high on the agenda for many, as it promotes digitization while providing transparency. 

Previous processes for coordinating shifts and duty times, or recording work performed and overtime often place an additional burden on healthcare workers. ISGUS Workforce Management integrates seamlessly into internal processes and supports supervisors and employees alike. 

From demand-oriented scheduling and automatic workflows to the recording of overtime on weekends or holidays, you give your employees the optimal tools to work smoothlyMobile or stationary, they have access to the functions you need from anywhere, promoting hybrid working. Individual reports provide a more detailed insight into the performance of different employees or departments and form the basis for adjustments to achieve the highest possible efficiency.