<strong>Workforce Management</strong> in the <strong>United States of America</strong>

Workforce Management in the United States of America

ISGUS is one of the leading providers of digital Workforce Management systems worldwide. The software and hardware components from ISGUS perfectly complement each other to a comprehensive modular system, with which all processes of HR Management, Staff Scheduling, Time Management and Production Data Capture up to Access Control and Visitor Management digitally and automatically can be displayed.

With our current, web-based solution TimeAttendanceManager TAM, ISGUS is one of the market and technology leader of digital Workforce Management. The ISGUS solution is available in multiple languages and available as an on premise solution or as software as a service in the ISGUS Cloud.

ISGUS America, LLC, established in 2005 has been located in Verona New Jersey for all of it’s business life. Verona and the surrounding townships are in the suburban Western part of Essex County. Although Verona is only a short 17 miles from New York City, with easy access to public transportation, but still maintains that small town vibe. Many parks and open spaces for outdoor activities result in a true sence of community and the feeling: that many people who were born here in Verona, stay here. Additionally, Verona is a very sustainable community that we support. For us it's the perfect place to offer our US-wide services for all our solutions. 

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Workforce Management from ISGUS

Workforce Management

ZEUS® Time and Attendance increasing motivation

Use ZEUS® Time and Attendance and optimize all time management tasks. Standard processes that were previously carried out manually and were time-consuming are now automated.

  • Reducing costs and increasing efficiency

  • Transparency and information

  • Employee motivation

Take care of your employees

ZEUS® HR Management

Thousands of our valued customers recognize ISGUS as the leading provider of highly advanced time tracking software. ZEUS® Time and Attendance is an exceptional system for accurately recording working hours and absences, delivering on its promises! We are also renowned for ZEUS® Staff Scheduling, which optimizes your workforce by efficiently managing personnel and qualifications.

Excitingly, we have now introduced a new addition to our range of solutions: ZEUS® HR Management. With ZEUS® HR Management, ISGUS transforms Workforce Management into a comprehensive all-in-one digital solution tailored to meet your company's HR needs.

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What does active security look like with the ZEUS® Security Monitor around your company?

The security monitor visualises and manages all events and messages generated and forwarded by ZEUS® Access Control for more security. This makes it easy for your security officers to monitor all protected areas.They can be clearly arranged on any dashboard and called up by the security department. All conceivable access events can be categorised and reactions or actions can be defined for each event type...

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