<strong>Access Control in the USA</strong>

Access Control in the USA

In order to be able to work safely and successfully, the safety of employees, equipment and company know-how must be guaranteed. This is the only way to ensure the internal competitive advantage that is necessary for long-term success. Access Control, which is integrated into the access concept, plays a decisive role in this. It is used to control the various access rights on a time and person basis, so that only those people who are authorized to do so can enter a certain area. 

Particularly with the increasingly flexible working models of employees, system-supported control of access is indispensable. ISGUS Access Control provides you with a modern system that allows you to implement your individual requirements without generating additional effort. 

The simple control and adjustment of access rights via the electronic locking plan enables you to handle all access rights flexibly. By the recording of access rights, you can always track which person has gained access at which terminal, thus increasing transparency in your processes.



When safety events occur, it is important to continue to maintain or quickly restore safety. For this, security officers must be informed so that problems can be rectified. Through the digital access control manager, building managers are directly informed when, for example, an emergency opening or sabotage attempt occurs, door-open events occur or a panic PIN is entered.


The increasingly flexible working hours of employees increase the demands on access control, since access no longer takes place in a clearly defined period, but is distributed flexibly. Home office and similar arrangements are also a restriction to be taken into account. With electronic access control, you can easily implement this and adapt it to modern requirements. Assign access rights to individual persons or entire groups and accelerate the internal handling of release processes.


The management of external persons who need access to the premises, a building or a special room brings many companies to their limits, as cumbersome processes have to be gone through again and again. It does not matter if it is about craftsmen, cleaners, applicants or visitors. The integration of a digital visitor management helps to solve this problem and to get more efficiency into the processes by digitization, because external persons are integrated directly.

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