<strong>Digital</strong> and <strong>protected</strong> with <strong>ZEUS®</strong>

Digital and protected with ZEUS®

In any industry, exterior doors need to be secure and protect against unauthorised access, but at the same time ensure access for specific people.

Access solutions need flexibility

Today, many employees have keys in circulation but the key management is very complex. ISGUS has developed its ZEUS® Access Control solution to help you sort out the chaos of keys. Are you looking for a system that can be managed centrally and where access authorisations can be granted or revoked quickly and easily? With the added benefit of relieving your own IT? Get to know our ZEUS® Access Control and become smart. ZEUS® Smart ID also offers you the option of opening doors with your smartphone instead of keys. Practical, because you have the smartphone in your hand anyway and rarely let it out of your hand.

Web-based solution an added benefit
Your access control is very simple to control via our web-based platform. You have the access rights and thus also control the access of your employees. With our ZEUS® locking technology, we also offer you the perfectly suitable access components, which we install on site at your company as a matter of course.

Whitepaper about the security concepts from ISGUS

Whitepaper about the security concepts from ISGUS

You are interested in: ZEUS® Access Control - Security concepts for building, visitor and employee management? Security at every door - Learn more about Access Control and the digital locking technologies in our whitepaper.

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