<strong>Modern Terminal Solutions</strong> for T&A and Access Control

Modern Terminal Solutions for T&A and Access Control

In addition to the software, the right hardware is also crucial for a productive working method and the secure recording of working times and orders or for opening doors and gates. The ISGUS devices offer comfort for every location and can be used via modern booking media, which means they can be used in a contemporary manner. 

The ISGUS IT 8210 and IT 8260 terminals are available for time and data recording. Both offer a touchscreen display, which can be used to easily operate the various software functions. The futuristic terminals can be integrated into almost any work environment and are also robust enough to be used in harsh industrial environments. 

In the field of access control, a broad portfolio is available that covers all areas, indoor and outdoor, wired and non-wired. Depending on the application situation and the security concept of the company, the devices are selected after an appropriate consultation. 

The use of the terminals requires prior identification, for which a number of options are also available. Transponders or badges represent the classic booking medium. These can be individually adapted to your company colours and wishes and used contact-free with the ISGUS terminals. Furthermore, we offer you the option of biometric identification via fingerprint or facial recognition. Last but not least, the smartphone with the corresponding app can also be used.

Terminals for TAM Time & Attendance

ZEUS® X mobile
Available in the App-Stores

IT 8200
Time & Attendance, Employee-Self-Service, Cost Center Recording, Access Control

IT 8210
Time & Attendance, Employee-Self-Service, Cost Center Recording, Access Control

IT 8260
Production Data Capture, Time & Attendance, Employee-Self-Service


Terminals for TAM Access Control