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The Access Control

Modern security concepts are an essential requirement for company premises and public buildings. TAM / ZEUS® Access Control ensures reliable security around the clock providing protection for employees, visitors, data, office equipment, buildings, stocks and intellectual property.


Our Access Control solutions work in conjunction with your individual security requirements, organizational structure and mandatory fire protection / emergency exit regulations. We are pleased to offer our advice and experience, helping you to find the right level of protection necessary for your organization.

Your benefits thanks to TAM / ZEUS® Access Control

Access control is the key element of your intelligent security concept. The ISGUS TAM /ZEUS® Access Control solutions manage your specific security needs, offering individual personal, time or zone related authorization profiles and security areas for your employees, visitors or external service companies.

The Security Lock Plan

The intuitive Security Lock Plan enables you to quickly discover who is authorized to enter particular access points and who is in specific areas. Varying organizational structures can easily be adapted in the Security Lock Plan.

Security for all doors

The ISGUS portfolio offers the optimum in readers and electronic locks for any given constructional circumstances, irrespective of your requirement, i. e., vandal proof elements for external areas, design elements for interior areas even meeting the need for a discrete cosmetic element in the appearance of your existing light switches. This unique solution combining classical access control and digital locking technology also provides security for doors not directly connected to the access control system. All standard identification technologies are supported. Our badges and key fobs can be uniquely designed individually upon request. The various security levels can be increased by using PIN code entries, thus avoiding misuse of the badges in the event of them being lost. If “Panic PINs” are entered, in parallel with the door opening, a silent alarm is generated.

Biometric Access Control solutions

A maximum security level is achieved with the use of fingerprint technology. The biometric verification procedure combined with badges/transponders and additional PIN code entry guarantees absolute reliability. 

Efficiency and audit trail functions

Access authorization for new employees in a business unit will automatically be suggested in conjunction with the previous incumbent "inheritance legacy". A detailed overview of the Security Lock Plan provides historical information about times and dates access authorizations, enabling precise forward planning. Any anomalies are displayed clearly and are documented for secure auditing.

Security thanks to alarm management

The Access Control Manager transfers alarm events directly to your alarm management and to the alarm management console. In case of emergency sabotage, open doors or entry of a panic PIN, security and facilities management are immediately informed.

Modular structure

Extend and enhance your TAM / ZEUS® Access Control system at any time with the following modules: 


Badge Personalization

Employee badges with individual company design via TAM / ZEUS® picture



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