<strong>Integration Capabilities</strong> with <strong>ZEUS® Workforce Management</strong> by<strong> ISGUS</strong>

Integration Capabilities with ZEUS® Workforce Management by ISGUS

What is meant by the integration of software systems?

Integration is the combination of two or more systems working together. This is when two applications are given the opportunity to "talk" to each other and pass on relevant information. Modern software applications usually allow a method of secure communication so that one application can ‘talk’ to another application and request information.

Why does Time & Attendance play an important role in integration?

There are a number of key integrations that increase the potential return on investment for any time and attendance system. The most commonly requested integration is the integration to access control applications like ZEUS® Access Control.

Why Integrate your access control with Time & Attendance?

Electronic access control systems are used to monitor the flow of people and allow companies to control physical access to specific areas of a building. ISGUS access readers and digital locking technology ensure security at every door. Whether vandal-proof on the outside or design-oriented on the inside - with ZEUS® Access Control, ISGUS offers you an individual solution tailored to your needs. To guarantee optimum security in your company, the ISGUS solution supports all common identification methods.


Are you ready for digitisation in the ISGUS Cloud?

ZEUS® SaaS helps you to improve your cost structure and at the same time provides more planning security for your IT budget.

The benefits of the ISGUS solution ZEUS® with its modules for Time and Attendance, Staff Scheduling and Access Control on the one hand and the advantages of the ISGUS data centre on the other hand create added value that is decisive in competition. ZEUS® Access Control is individually adapted to your company and your needs - we would be happy to advise you.

In addition, the ISGUS data center is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013.


Intelligent management of external people!

Visits and visitor pre-registrations are conveniently recorded by the reception or the visitor and entered in the system. In the invitation mail you inform your visitors about all important information such as time, gate, parking space, directions.

Visitor Management can be used independently or as an integrated module in conjunction with ZEUS® Access Control and Time and Attendance if visitors are given temporary access authorisation to specific rooms or room zones with their visitor ID and, like external companies, for example, are to take part in time management.


The ZEUS® Security Monitor serves as a supplement for Access Control.

Elements of the Security Monitor that are frequently required by the user, such as access areas, camera images, catalogs of measures and control elements, can be clearly arranged and called up on any dashboard.

The ZEUS® Security Monitor is pre-installed and delivered on a Linux computer in a housing for DIN rail mounting and is pre-configured and ready to use with little effort.

The ZEUS® Security Monitor communicates via a secure connection with all other ZEUS® modules such as ZEUS® Access and Visitor Management is also carried out centrally in ZEUS® Workforce Management.